Kirk Cameron Coffee

Pardon this slightly geeky post, but hey, it isn’t every day you have Buck Williams come to your campus. Kirk Cameron was inducted as the tenth member of IWU’s World Changer Society this morning. It is quite obvious that this campus was slightly star struck by seeing Cameron on campus, he couldn’t make it a yard without having to stop and pose for a picture with someone. During the entire ceremony this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder if Cameron had yet visited McConn.

&& after the ceremony, Cameron got coffee. McConn has served a star. We of course, geeked out about it.

For those who are curious, Cameron ordered a double 1/2 syrup mocha. Classic.

Josh and barista Ben preparing to take Cameron his drink!

Cameron with Christine, Ben, and Josh. Bless Kirk for showing off McConn's logo on the cup πŸ™‚

Kirk Cameron signing his drink ticket.

We are so totally framing this. "Thanks for the gasoline! Kirk Cameron"


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